Martial arts has a host of benefits that go beyond simply being better prepared to defend yourself (though that does remain an important part of why it is great to learn a martial art style.) Let’s explore the mental benefits that are enjoyed by those who have begun practicing a form of their choice. It […]

Stage 3 – Resisting the Call By Marty Callahan Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer, wrote a wonderful book title ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces’ that details 12 stages of the human experience that relate directly to the transformational process your child experiences in our training programs. It’s a process that changes […]

There are a number of instances where most people have tried to learn a basic premise but failed to comprehend key facts. We see in this in Martial Arts all the time. Many instructors face certain challenges teaching and could have students who are confused or even overwhelmed by basic tenets of the subject in […]

Marty Callahan

By Marty Callahan The best teams throughout history have depended on the CHARACTER of the PLAYER who leads it. They don’t rely on a once in a lifetime elite player. They don’t rely on a brilliant coach. And, they don’t rely on an astute front office. What they do rely on is the strength of […]