Black Belt Goal Setting Season

Marty Callahan

A couple important things to know for December – 

First, Classes in December will be held as normal through Monday, December 23rd. We will be closed for holiday break from Tuesday, December 24 until Wednesday, January 1st. 

Second, advancement exams will be given Monday and Tuesday, December 16thand 17thand Instructor Exams will be given on Thursday, December 19th. All required work must be completed and turned in prior to the exam. Belts and tip stripes will be awarded in class Wednesday through Saturday. 

Third, During Black Belt Goal Setting Season. During this time we schedule a major meeting with all of our students to discuss their goals both in karate and outside the school. An example of the impact this meeting can have on your child is what happened for Brandon Alexander, one of our former Black Belts. Brandon set a goal to read one million words. When he entered 5thgrade he was reading at a 5thgrade level. Five months later he was reading at a 10thgrade level. The impact this five-grade jump in comprehension had on his grades was phenomenal. This goal setting process can have just as significant an impact on your child’s life. Another one of our students, Karla Miranda, was elected as Student Body President by the 550 students at Steele Lane Elementary, she was chosen to be Student of the Year by the faculty and administrators, and she earned her Black Belt with us. Karla attributes this success to the training she received through our Black Belt Shoka Leader Program and the goal setting process she learned. 


Finally, in our goal setting meeting, we will discuss your child setting a goal to Black Belt and beyond. Beyond are higher degrees of Black Belt and our Certified Instructor Training Program. With this Instructor Training program our school is literally transforming itself into an Instructor Training School with a focus on character and leadership development. The effect this is having on our students is readily apparent. Their knowledge and skill is growing by the day. This is a great time for your child to begin his Great Journey to Black Belt, step it up to a higher level of Black Belt, or start training to become a Certified Instructor.  


Have a great day and keep training!

Marty Callahan 

8thDegree Black Belt, 

Founder, CEO, Chief Instructor, Author