Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world with his dream and we believe in that same dream, here at Shotokan Karate Leadership School. Listen today, on the Great Journey Podcast as we discuss how ‘character’ is something we all share, regardless of the differences of our outward appearance. Marty Callahan has spent his entire life Read More

Tiger and Blake are persevering on their journey and this time, they encounter The Bridge of Responsibility. Listen in to see what happens!  

Today, on The Great Journey Podcast, Sensei Callahan discusses the importance of correcting children in a way that is encouraging, yet produces a better outcome, for them and for you!

Any good parent will have moments of worry for our children as they think of the unknown that lies ahead, however, those thoughts cannot dictate HOW we parent… Listen in on today’s Great Journey Podcast for thought provoking wisdom.