Creating a Motivated Mindset

By Shotokan Karate Leadership School in Santa Rosa, CA

It is hard to keep one’s motivation fueled up. The bed is always there, waiting, warm and comforting. You tell yourself you need a break from all the rigors of your professional life. It is impossible to keep oneself motivated for long hours. However, this can be taught. You can train to be a much more motivated individual. To do this, ask yourself two questions. 

  1. Are both the mind and the body extremely tired?
  2. Is your body healthy, but it takes a lot of mental struggle to rise up from the bed every day?

The first question assists you to take a decision whether or not you should provide yourself a deserved and much needed hiatus from work. The second question indicates the need for motivating yourself. 

Motivation in this context can be defined as the reason or the number of reasons which one enjoys for behaving or acting in a certain manner. It can also be described as a willingness or the desire of a person to achieve something. It can also be explained as the force which causes a person to do something.

Two kinds of motivation function as influence or force or “reasons”. The two kinds are intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. 

Extrinsic motivationextrinsically motivated

This is motivation which comes from the outside of any individual. These include third party approval, award points, money, attention from others and time. Other motivational factors are Social Media “Likes”, numbers on the scale and avoiding any negative reactions derived from others. It follows that an athlete competing for a medal is extrinsically motivated. 

 external validationIntrinsic motivation 

This is based on internal pleasure which comes from participation in an activity or process. The person motivated in such a manner derives happiness from learning and skill development. The athlete is determined exclusively for the sole satisfaction of learning. He or she wants to be masterful and competent. An example of this is the rower who rowed constantly for better practice sans any immediate external validation. 

Find out where your own motivation lies as this can be different for each person and remind yourself of that motivation every day!

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