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Karate For Kids: Things To Know

So you want to enroll your child in Karate?

Unless you have some experience in this yourself you will want to consider these factors when picking a location or school to have your little one attend.


  • Get a referral. Someone in your circle of friends knows a place or someone that they recommend. After all, aside from the time and money you invest, trust has got to be the main concern for your child.
  • How are the classes run? You will want to find a balance between fun and learning. If the program stresses discipline and your child doesn’t respond to learning in a strict environment then that could be a red flag. There needs to be a fun element to learning at the same time so your child will stay engaged in the program.
  • What exactly does the kids program consist of? What is your focus and the focus of your child in taking up martial arts? Interview your child and really dive in here. Do they want to be a ninja turtle or power ranger? Do they want to compete someday? Are you ok with their decision or expectations? Make sure the program conforms to what is realistic for your expectations.

Now that these factors are considered, realize that this activity might just be a new passion for your child, enjoy the journey!

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