Health and Wellness

Womens-Martial-ArtsHealth and wellness is important at Shotokan Karate Leadership School®. We promote the increased well being of our students by preventing injures and improving balance. This attitude enables students  to live a long and full life without the risk of injury due to falling or other balance issues many people today face. Injury prevention, especially  as an aging adult is important. We care for both young and old, striving to improve what is not optimal or to prevent and heal injury. This caring attitude sets us apart from other schools, which may not optimize training for injury or age. In addition we advise students to eat healthy and sleep properly. Our programs are designed to increase the physical safety of the student by teaching self-defense. We also aim to improve mental acuity and awareness. The Black Belt Shoka Leader program reinforces these elements and teaches kids and adults a healthy and safe way to practice karate for the rest of their lives. This long-term view of the martial arts leads to continual development of skill over the course of a students life. We strive to better the world by increasing the physical health and mental well being of our students. Contact us and let us help you on your journey to health and wellness.