Shoka Magazine April 2023 – Karate has had a profound impact on my life.

I kept seeing myself as an A student and I kept getting A’s. 

Karate has had such a profound impact on my life. I can’t sum it up in one  story, but I will try to convey the most significant change I feel I have made.  

I am not known for being good at math. Algebra has always been a subject  that I struggle with. So, I don’t need to say how nervous I was to at the  beginning of the semester, having to take intermediate algebra at the JC.  

But I applied certain concepts of karate to my behavior and attitude about  myself as a math student. The first strategies I employed was “be faithful,”  and “endeavor.”  

I didn’t waste any time for setting up a study routine for myself and I never  faltered from it.  

All the hard work from that enabled me to change my attitude about my  math abilities, because my understanding and confidence improved.  

Another thought I carried with me throughout the semester was actions  follow thoughts. I will get whatever grade I envision for myself. I kept  seeing myself as an A student, and I kept getting A’s.  

With all these improvements I have made on myself I discovered I like  math, and without these changes, I would have never known. 

Thank you, Sensei Callahan, for all you do. 

– Cynthia Kohl, SRJC Student