Shoka Magazine June 2023 – Another author in our school! Check out her new book!

Melissa recently enrolled her young son Apollo in our school. She’s an author and has donated a copy of her book to us. My wife, Connie, and I looked it over and both want to read it. Connie claimed it before I had a chance and is already deep into the first couple of chapters. She’s loving it. You might want to get a copy of your own. It’s available on  Amazon, Copperfield’s and most major book stores.

NOTHING LEFT BUT DUST is a powerful tale of love, loss, and hope set during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Jo and Otto must fight for survival and love as they navigate the burning ruins of the city in search of answers to a dark family secret. An edge-of-your-seat coming-of-age survival story that will leave you inspired by the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Author: Melissa Geissinger is descended from survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and is herself a Tubbs fire survivor. A neurodivergent optimist, Melissa is predisposed to following her dreams as well as every shiny side quest along the way.  She lives in Santa Rosa with her partner, her five-year-old heart warrior son, and a menagerie of fur kids. She enjoys the outdoors, soaking up knowledge, and connecting with other passionate creators. Nothing Left But Dust is her first novel. You can follow  her writing at