TGJ Read Aloud: Courtesy On the Bridge

Join us today on The Great Journey Podcast as we read part one of Chapter Two of Tiger’s Great Journey, written by our Chief Instructor, Sensei Callahan. Tiger and Blake are faced with a bit of peril on their journey – let’s see what Tiger has learned from his karate training and see if it gets him and Blake out of some hot water.

Integrity – The Wholeness of Self : The Great Journey Podcast

C.S. Lewis stated, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” Integrity is a word that holds a breadth of meaning. Unfortunately, it also seems to be slowly slipping by the wayside as some, if not much, of our culture hustles and bustles to get ahead leaving decorum in the past. Today, on The Great Journey Podcast, Sensei Marty Callahan discusses integrity and the importance of building it up in your child at home and how we practice It on the training floor at Shotokan Karate Leadership School.

Courtesy – Good Manners Are Your First Line of Self Defense: The Great Journey Podcast

Have you ever made the connection that courtesy should be the first line of self defense when trouble is brewing? Well, today on The Great Journey Podcast, Sensei Marty Callahan will explain just how courtesy can actually help keep you out of and prevent a lot of trouble.

“Disappointment Is Okay, but Discouragement Is Not”: The Great Journey Podcast

We’ve all been there… Crushed by things not working out how we envisioned. While it’s easy to get lost in those feelings of discouragement, there is a better way. Listen to today’s Great Journey podcast as Sensei Callahan talks about learning to shift gears mentally and instead turn disappointment into opportunity.

Marty Callahan has spent his life understanding and improving the lives of students both young and old. His passion led to the Founding of Shotokan Karate Leadership School in Santa Rosa, CA, in 1981 with a dream to awaken the extraordinary leader in his students. Having inspired, taught, coached, supported, and trained over 15,000 students in 40,000 classes in Santa Rosa, Marty has become Sonoma County’s preeminent martial arts leadership instructor. His students, hundreds of whom have gone on to become leaders in their chosen fields, appreciate his engaging, student centered approach to teaching and they believe you will, too.