Living a Fearless Life

Martial-Arts-InstructorA recent article, published by the Huffington Post, discussed several steps to living the fearless life. This topic is especially pertinent to students in the Black Belt Shoka Leader program as they work to overcome fear. The article details several steps to developing courage. The first two steps are to be vulnerable and acknowledge fear. The third step is to develop adequate skills in order to face fear with confidence. This allows for a repeated exposure to fear that causes an “immunizing” effect. The next steps are to think positively and manage stress when in potentially harmful situations. Using positive self affirmations is an effective way to do this. The final and most important step is to practice acts of courage. Practice will gradually make you a more fearless person as you realize the power of boldness. Developing courage is essential in the martial arts due to the focus on character and overcoming the fear of physical assault. Overcoming fears like public speaking, failure, and death is essential to living a successful life. Comment below to share your thoughts and opinions.