What you do is just amazing

What you do is just amazing. The way you had all those kids sitting there, listening to you. There must have been 25 of them and they were all there sitting up straight listening to you. I don't know how you do it, but it's amazing. And I like the way you incorporate morals into the class. That is so good. You have a real gift.


Mom of 7 yr. Phoenix

A much better attitude - no more complaining and negativity

My wife and I placed our son at your school just a few months ago and we wanted to thank you for your work with him. Michael is 7 years old and exhibits the usual behavior of a young 7 year old. Even though he has not been with SKLS and Sensei Marty Callahan for very long the changes are quite apparent. He shows great improvement in self-responsibility and respect. His demeanor prior to his exposure to this was to complain and look to the negative of everything. Now with the teachings of Sensei Callahan that attitude is already improving. Please accept our sincere gratitude for the work and the patience you show our son.

James & Sherry Parr

Before my son was quiet and hidden... now he's a chatter monster!

People have been telling us how amazed they are with the difference they see in Jordan since he started taking karate at Shotokan Karate Leadership School. Before he used to be quiet and hidden, he kept to himself and now he's a chatter monster! It's unbelievable; he's so much more confident and sure of himself. We are so happy, thank you so much, Sensei Callahan.

Kim Corn

Foundation for a Wonderful Life

Sensei, my name is Dean. I was your student 15 years ago. I'm calling because I want to thank you for giving me the foundation for a wonderful life. The training I received from you has helped me in innumerable ways. I have a wonderful life and I don't believe it would have turned out this way without the training that I received from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dean Maquet
Martial Arts Student

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