Shotokan Karate Leadership School Teaches Children to be Calm and Learn Respect

By Shotokan Karate Leadership School in Santa Rosa, CA

Shotokan Karate Leadership School teaches that kids are like soft clay and can be modeled into becoming excellent human beings only if given the right training and the guided direction in their life. Such life skills such as being focused, calm and to show respect are two of the most fundamental values that they should be taught when they are young.  For ages Karate has been known for not only teaching self defense techniques but also teaching students how to concentrate, focus, and respect themselves and others. 

At Shotokan Karate Leadership School,  students are taught respect and calm before beginning actual physical training. For young kids focus does not come easily, they are brimming with energy and curiosity and many do not find the right way to channel this immense source of energy. To help them become calmer, more methodical, and help them learn to work diligently toward a goal, children should be enrolled into martial arts classes. 

help students focus on their inner selfUnderstanding their own selves

Karate and other forms of martial arts help students focus on their inner self by listening to their body and their thoughts. This is a quality that, when inculcated at the very beginning, can help them when they step into adulthood. Often adults forget to take care of their own bodies and health situation due to the constant personal and professional stress they are under, if a disciplined habit of listening to their own body and thoughts could have been put into place they would have been much healthier and happier people. Through training in Karate children are taught to listen, see and feel both internally and externally. They are trained to be more aware. They become present to their own strengths and weaknesses, courage and fear. 

Learning conflict resolution

Karate teaches one to respond without reacting, especially aggressively. Though the art teaches self defense, it actually inculcates values of patience and deep understanding which are essential in resolving conflict without becoming aggressive. Children learn to listen proactively instead of rushing into fights. While training the kids to be calm and tranquil, one of the lessons that are imparted at the Shotokan Karate Leadership School is that of breathing.

Breathing is the very way in which we let life force or Chi, also known as Ki enter into our body. Rhythmic and harmonic breathing is key to maintaining a normal healthy life. This fundamental learning can actually help in saving lives. Many of us live our life without the knowledge of how to breathe properly in a coordinated manner. It teaches children taking karate classes to relax under pressure and maintain a healthy and harmonic rhythm in their daily activities. This brings down the haphazardness that we have sometimes noticed in children. 

Karate teaches one to respond without reactingBy learning the simple principles of being respectful and calm in all kinds of situations, kids develop healthy relations with their classmates at school and with their teachers. They are better focused on their studies, which in turn improves their test results. This cumulative achievement leads the child to feel more confident and works as a motivation to do even better in life. With constant positive reinforcement this good practice can be continued and sustained to help them become strong and responsible adults. 

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