Summer is a Great Time to Get Started in the Martial Arts Part 1


Joining a martial arts program during the summer months provides a healthy, helpful activity that does much more for students than simply passing the time until school resumes.

Summertime. It’s the season for vacations. Weddings. Picnics. Fun in the sun. And of course, martial arts! For many people, summer is the ideal time to enroll in a karate program – free from the stresses, expenses, and demands of school, free of conflicts with most other sports, and supervised with steps to grow and improve to get ready for the remainder of the year!

With school still weeks or months away, summer is the right time for getting involved in a productive, enjoyable new activity. Martial arts training offers people of all ages and fitness levels a variety of fun challenges, exciting rewards, and a host of physical and mental benefits. Karate students fill their summer with useful goodness – learning new skills, gaining confidence, building friendships, meeting respectable role models, and adopting good habits that serve them well through all walks of life.

Lead by expert instructors, students who enroll in during the summer months get “a leg up” on those who wait for school to begin. Although brief, this head start allows them to advance in skill, knowledge, belt color, and rank before their future classmates. Becoming a “senior rank” means instant respect from those who wait until school starts to begin.

They also join an elite league of emerging leaders far better prepared for life’s challenges – and school’s hectic pace – than those who waste their summers sitting around doing nothing. Instead of gaining weight, losing muscle and mental sharpness, picking up bad habits, and assuming poor work ethics, young people who practice martial arts do the exact opposite!

Through expert guidance and a fair amount of sweat equity, most students enjoy learning things that make them stronger, faster, more confident, and better prepared. Good work is recognized and rewarded as short-term and long-term goals are steadily achieved and higher ones set.