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These Key Decisions Can Shape Your Post College Destiny

By Marty Callahan

I recently read an article on the PBS News Hour’s website in which William Brangham interviewed Jeffrey Selingo the author of the book “There Is Life After College” regarding key decisions a student might make in college.

Essentially, Mr. Selingo said that what happens after college can be influenced by the choices you make during college and that it was really important what you do while you’re there. Mostly he said that you’d be a lot better off after college if you’re involved in experiential learning such as internships, projects, study abroad; and, co-curricular activities such as athletics or clubs; and most importantly that you don’t take on too much debt.

Your Major is Not All That Important

And in picking a major he said it didn’t matter too much which one you pick, but “you should pick a major where you’re going to work hard, read a lot, write a lot, where the homework is going to be tough, where you’re going to meet some of the best professors and, most important, where your classmates are going to push you.

I love it!… Work hard! Read a lot! Write a lot! Take classes where the homework is going to be tough and where you’ll meet the best professors. And, most importantly, where your classmates are going to push you!

Who would have guessed that taking on tough tasks, being around people who push you, meeting the people who are the best in their field, reading and writing would have such a big impact.

What About Your Child

I have a question for you… at what age should a parent start to encourage their child to work hard, read a lot, write a lot, do the homework that’s tough, take the time to develop strong relationships with their teachers and most importantly get involved in a program where your classmates are going to push you… (think punch, kick and strike at you)?

Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

Marty Callahan, Chief Instructor